Tire Services Toronto


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Working with suppliers and manufactories directly, we are able to save you the most on your tire and rims. Rebates, promotions, limited time discounts and seasonal sale! Visit our “Best Deals” section to find the most up to date deals.

• Monthly promotions
• Passenger car, SUV, truck, tractor trailer tires
• Carry over 25 brands and counting!
• New and Used tires sale

Tire installation and balance

You can’t find a better home for your tires.

Installation with purchase of tires or rims:
As low as $49.99 + HST

Installation without purchase:
As low as $59.99 + HST

Seasonal changeover:
As low as $29.99 + HST

Tire Storage

Equipped with the latest technology.


8,000 sq. ft. temperature controlled warehouse and on site security system.

Tire storage with purchase of tires or rims:
$49.99/ 6 months + HST

Tire storage without purchase:
$59.99/ 6 months + HST

Price may vary. Please call for detail